Consulting Services

Occupational Health and Safety

Construction Safety and Audits

Construction consulting encompasses the entire spectrum of client Protection / Compliance that includes:

  • Compilation of Project Specific Health and Safety Specifications;
  • Notification of Construction Work to the applicable Regional Director of the Department of Labour;
  • Evaluation and approval of the Principal Contractor's Safety Plan;
  • Evaluation and approval of all Sub-Contractors' Safety Plans;
  • Monitoring and Inspections of Construction Work;
  • Enforcement of Project Specific Risk Assessments and Safe Work Procedures;
  • Closing Statements; and
  • Compilation of Project Specific Health and Safety Plans and Safety Files.
General Safety Consulting
  • Compilation of Occupational Health and Safety Policy Documents.
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRAs)
  • Building Compliant Inspections including Comprehensive Reports.
  • Formulation and Implementation of Health and Safety Committees.
  • Facility Audits (OHS).
  • Fire Safety Audits.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans and Procedures.

Food Safety

Food Safety Audits

Asbestos Surveys and Audits

Asbestos surveys are a pre-requisite for the compilation of asbestos registers.
Contractors required to do construction and / or maintenance work have the right (Constitutionally and in terms of the OHS Act, Act 85 of 1993) to be informed of asbestos availability within facilities that could negatively affect the health of their employees whilst doing do the aforementioned construction work.
Landlords are not exonerated from conducting asbestos surveys culminating into respective asbestos registers, as employers may request an asbestos register to ensure that such leased facilities are safe from asbestos exposure.
The scope of our surveys is to consider and report on: The type, condition and extent of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in the building in all reasonably accessible areas; provide recommendations to ensure that areas of concern are made safe and that all ACMs are managed safely; and to assess the risk from the ACMs and to derive risk ratings.